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How The Imagination Process® Was Born

The Imagination Process was in my psyche long before I was aware.  The Universe gave me information, signs, and experiences all along the way of my life, that would later play a major part in everything. You could say, it was born out of my own childhood and life pain - with the continuation of patterns and identities that kept me a slave to an obsolete human program, but that does not do it justice.

My Live's Purpose

No, I believe today that I came here specifically for these times to deliver the information that I received, that I agreed to all, I would go through in my life before my soul even arrived here… crafting a perfect opportunity to experience depth healing and transformation. This would all be for the purpose of raising mass consciousness on this planet, right now.  It was meant to be. Little did I know what it all meant in the beginning.  As I put the pieces together along the way, The Imagination Process was born.

There was a lot to it. Through my personal inner healing, I now was aware that:

  • Everything that ever happened to me is in my body - therefore, what I call the past is actually in the now, inside me.

  • There are ways to heal my amazing, neuroplastic brain from childhood abuse, neglect and programming and I would find a way to do this for myself and others.

  • The answers are inside ME, and I am the creator of my life and future experiences.

  • Whatever I do most of the time, will become my new life, my new brain, and my new reality.

  • A community of LOVE can heal and transform our lives.  We need each other to recover.

Wow!  Who knew?  I was getting it - we must transform old pain and trauma because it keeps our brain in a trauma condition, and makes us feel fear, sadness, shame, hurt and anger - all low vibrational frequencies that stay in the body, even if our mind moves on.  When we heal, we move our frequency up the chain to love, peace, acceptance, joy and power.  Our brain literally can move to calmness and new ways of thinking and being… our body responds and we acquire the ability to create the life of our dreams in a very conscious way.  How would I teach all of this?

I was truly seeking to know the big picture, the bigger story, to heal and transform my life or help any other person do the same. By no coincidence, my father, George McGowen, was an assistant director of the Army film entitled The Big Picture - a television series from 1950-1963 - a weekly show telling Army stories from history and current events of the times. This was a piece of my puzzle, as I later realized… I too was here to work on the Big Picture.  Thanks, Dad.

Learning From The Masters

More study was my next step. The foundations had been laid by the many theorists, counselors, teachers, writers, psychotherapists, thinkers, physicians, and metaphysicians from what now seem like the old days. And, I was there right in the middle of all that was happening… here now to transcribe it all and make sense of it - put it into action.  

Thanks to my college schoolwork and incredible extra-curricular depth education, I was inspired by my studies in family systems, developmental psychology, life cycles, and the healthy or dysfunctional navigation of such. Erickson, in his psychosocial theory, informed me of the stages a child must master in order to progress toward independence and wholeness. John Bradshaw presented the precious and wounded inner child and dysfunctional family to the recovery community, which definitely created a portal for my own reclaiming of self. I was influenced by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and attentive to Freud’s presentation of the unconscious. Joseph Campbell influenced me with myth and symbol. I was fascinated with Jung’s work, which connected me with the unconscious archetypal themes, myths, and depth psychology.

I loved and personally participated in Gestalt group work with a therapist who loved Fritz Perls. This quest led me to the study of spiritual and transpersonal psychology with Jacquelyn Small, and later Linda Star Wolf, directing me toward the works of Stanislav Grof, perinatal psychology, birth trauma, womb work, and a world of sensory and transpersonal enlightenment. Deepak Chopra awakened my inquisitive mind to energy, information and quantum physics as well as the Indian medical system, Ayurveda. Gabriel Cousens intrigued me with his incredible system of spiritual nutrition and conscious eating. 

These disciplines allowed me to think, feel, and create in new dimensions. Later, the study of neurobiology and psychoneuroimmunology through the work of Candace Pert, Peter Levine, Era III Medicine, and Larry Dossey, and age-old concepts of the body maps and chakra system allowed me to integrate the mind/body connection in a bold and major way for myself and the private practice I had developed in the meantime as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

It seems that the more open I became, the more information came to me. Albert

Einstein seemed to follow me around in those days, with a book, a picture or a quote

everywhere I turned. Expanding my horizons, I was introduced to the richness of ritual

and ceremony from Shamanism and Eastern healing systems combining all of these

together with Transpersonal Psychology and the Creative Expressive Arts, Drama Therapy, Music, Sound, Movement, and Writing.  

This was the genesis of what would become The Imagination Process. … a healing and transformational program, a complete and whole integrated approach for the healing of the human being. Everything I studied became part of the practices and techniques woven into the work as I was living and embodying it all, loving every step of the way and finally synthesizing the entirety into a healing process.  All of it - no kidding. 

Birthing The Process

The Imagination Process was birthed in 1990 in my first small office on Seminole Street in Stuart, Florida, and has been going on ever since. I never tired of it as it keeps me young, ignites my soul, evolves my being, keeps my brain excited, connects me to the most amazing humans who desire to heal and transform - and gives me the gift of a sacred life aligned with the Divine, my higher Self and the infinite possibilities in this Universe.

And here is the result of it all- Through transpersonal psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual group, The Imagination Process invites participants on a holistic healing journey - I say:

“You are about to enter a sacred process resulting in a transformation of your life, your body, your mind and your spirit. You will go deep into the lost places of your soul as you remember your own true essence. You will remember how to love, and this will create peace. You will see and discover the truths you have really always known. Our process utilizes the expressive creative arts: writing, transformational theater, music, sound, movement, dance, art, breathwork, psycho-spiritual group process, body work, and expression.”

The Imagination Process is an intensive personal growth program involving 21 weeks of healing and transformational work in three 7-week phases: 



The Imagine Phase is about reclaiming the inner child, birth, and womb experiences and full consciousness of family of origin patterns, which are active and continue to create the “same” life results and outcomes. 


The Intuition Phase focuses on the shadow aspect of the Self as participants explore their disowned, hurt, self-destructive patterns and feelings of being not good enough, which eventually sabotage personal growth, deep love relationships, and future joy.  Through meditation and deep inner work, this phase introduces participants to universal principles as ways to experience higher consciousness, love, and peace.  Participants are open to their personal belief system and connection to the Universe to the “bigger story” of their lives. 


The Inspiration Phase introduces participants to the art and skill of designing one’s life, creating the future, letting go, and reversing negative mind programs and victim consciousness.  Healing experiences include exercises for confidence and self-esteem building, opening the body, mind, and spirit to personal power and the creation of the heart’s desires; and the release and expression of anything in the way of our dreams and passions.  Participants explore their own core beliefs and how these beliefs create their experiences and their lives each day.  Simply, in this phase, we are:


Evolving in Community

The Imagination Process and I have grown since its inception in 1990.  We have evolved as one, and neither of us has stopped healing, transforming, unfolding, expanding, maturing, and advancing with the higher frequencies available as the earth continues to heal and purify itself. We sit in the middle of the heart now, opening with compassion toward a world that is ready for peace, compassion, love, and nature as guiding principles and power.

Over all these years, I continue to receive information, ideas, and messages from so many sources, and of course - my original place, yes The Universe. Many of the more current teachers of the day have validated all I believed and knew way back then - Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Gabor Mate and so many more. We now have a phenomenal body of knowledge available that supports this healing work.

Transformation Stories

The most beautiful thing of all are the results experienced by those who have engaged in The Imagination Process with me.  I am currently working with the 3rd generation of some who started in 1990.  There are many healing stories to tell of awesome individuals who took the risk to heal and were restored to wholeness, moving out of victim consciousness toward joy, peace, and personal power.  So many have come from severe childhood abuse and neglect, as well as the more subtle forms of conditioning with perfectionism, control, conditional love, or withdrawal of human touch and connection.  The people apprehensively entered the healing rooms feeling unworthy, unloveable, anxious, fearful, angry, shamed, non-trusting - hating themselves, suicidal, experiencing physical illness or disease, addiction, depression, rage, co-dependency - a whole range of mental and emotional conditions.  Remarkably, after 21 weeks (sometimes more) of The Imagination Process, the same individuals walked out in their power, completely different - aware, open, expressive, trusting, having a voice, connected to the Universe, loving Self and others more and more, creating new lives and new ways of being… able to hear their own soul’s calling. I have been the honored guest at their healing.

My biggest message to those who seek wholeness and healing: I have learned that for whole healing and transformation, the traumas and patterning must be literally released from the human body so it can be re-patterned; that this is a process involving true physical release and healing the brain. Some of the experts may not agree with me; even the ones I love dearly and learned so much from.  Spirituality, energy work alone, psychedelics, and knowledge can easily bypass the physical release, love, and community needed for lasting healing. There are a multitude of embodiment techniques that go in and through the body for whole healing - and they will do the job. Community, releasing, studying, meditating, breathing, and loving far outweigh any other thing I have witnessed. This is The Imagination Process and it is here right here, right now for all.

My Next Vision

With the infinite possibilities of advanced technology, networking, and the work of bright, human minds, I see The Imagination Process expanding in new ways - making healing available as never before.  Social networking, audio, video, sound, and written word will spread the healing energy and most importantly ideas of the work.  Yes, we still need the community to be a part of it, and it must.  Looking into the eyes of other human beings activates the whole healing process.  The work will expand and humans will come together in communities peacefully.  Parents will become enlightened and teach children to love instead of hate and rigidity.

The new earth will be healthy and well, and love will be our travel guide for the journey. And so it is -  the next chapter begins!

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