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Who Is Wendyne? Part 2

Updated: Jun 11

First Vision

I had what seemed to be my first initiation from the cosmos - I began to communicate with the universe in new ways, not totally aware I was downloading from the future. I began to have visions and knowings about things. One day while on my knees praying and meditating, I visualized, the future in a geodesic dome. The dome was divided into day and night – the top of the dome was the daytime, and I saw musical notes and sunlight; and in the bottom half were people sitting in a circle doing healing work. It was clear. It was real. I knew I must work with people in this way, and that some day I must build this dome. This was my assignment and I agreed to take it on. More would be revealed.

In only a few days after the VISION, I was to chaperone high school seniors via a school bus to a meeting, in Orlando, Florida as I was one of the Future Teachers of America Club sponsors at the high school where I worked as a special education teacher. Ok, I admit, I took on the job for the extra stipend awarded to club sponsors. We needed the money.

Interestingly, that day I had a horrible and painful toothache and so made arrangements to meet the girls and other sponsor there later, as I would go to the dentist and then drive up by myself. While driving my red Ford Aerostar Van, something happened that changed my life forever once again.  All I said was – “so, God, what did you want with me… now that I am driving here by myself?”…figuring something was up if now I was all alone driving out of town - unplanned. 

Bam. With pen in hand, and purple journal in my lap, car on cruise control, I received information about what to do in that dome – information about healing and transformation, music, sound, love, and connection to all that is. I drove and cried and wrote and sobbed and knew something big was happening to me…for me, and for the whole world. It was the most incredible and remarkable time and I knew at a very deep level of my being that I would never be the same (again).

When I did arrive at the meeting destination, to my amazement and surprise, it was inside a geodesic dome. With that kind of validation, I was in a trance, not in my body, chills and sunlight running through me. I sat in the center of that dome, underneath the skylight, and kept writing. I never went to any meetings for Future Teachers of America as I had been called into a different meeting that day, and I was taking good notes.

What I received that day was The Imagination Process® - a healing and transformational journey program that I was to do. I began the first Imagination Process group in 1990 and have been delivering to people ever since with amazing success. It is my love and passion.

Within 24 hours, my home phone rang and I was offered a job as a counselor in a psychologist’s office – a friend I knew asked if I wanted her job working with teenage alcohol and drug addicts. I had worked for her boss, the doctor - one night a week with families of alcoholics, teaching what I had learned from my own life.

I said “yes” – even though it would be a $5000 a year cut in salary. I quit my job the following week because I knew that I must begin to work with people in a different way. I was committed to following the signs that I had just been given so beautifully and intensely. Trusting that the universe will always support my decisions and dreams if I follow the signs and symbols, I found myself sitting in my own new office the following week at a new desk, ready to begin something awe-inspiring and remarkable. I did not even have a license or any kind of credential as a counselor or therapist.

First Office

I worked for the Doctor at that first job for several years, continued my own healing, learned and evolved, and became more and more the authentic me, creating a very successful Co-Dependency Treatment Program there for him. I was the poster child.

The Doctor trusted me and gave me permission to do just about anything I wanted. Eventually, I took courses required to get my own license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Drama Therapist so I learned more about family systems, patterns, communication, Creative Arts Therapies, Sound, Theatre, and the basic stuff for individual and group therapy.

Now I understood why I had my BA degree in Early Childhood Education and my training as a teacher for all ages. These were my stepping stones, toward what would become a big thing for me later. I would need to know all that I had learned and was learning. 

Wow! There are no coincidences, no failures - just experiences that are part of the whole, my bigger story. I was pulled toward and loved processes and techniques for healing, which were considered way out in those days - interested in risk-taking, going to the edge of reality, taking people to new places of being, experiencing pain and joy to break through the old and transform into the next. I was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist doing shamanic work, drama therapy, meditation, and altered states work… and insurance was paying for it. Mostly, the people healed and transformed way past the diagnosis/ prognosis.

Eventually, I wanted to leave that place, express my personal best, and be my own boss, because there was so much more I wanted to do. Other people, old bosses, thought my ideas were too “woo-woo" This way, I could do what I wanted to. If we wanted to yell and scream and march around the room singing the Italian National Anthem, or crawl and cry and feed each other singing nursery rhymes, it would all be ok. Because I Decide.

My spiritual friend, Kevin would meet with me in those days, to remind me of the Universal Spiritual truths, teach me, and give me books to read, which took my spiritual training to the next level. He would always ask me – “what do you want?” 

Somehow he was trying to tell me that I could have what I wanted if I followed the Universal Law – that I am a co-creator with the Great Spirit, that all my experiences are part of the whole. One day I answered, “I want my own office.” I had so felt the need to take a risk for myself and I had just seen the film clip from Raiders of the Lost Ark when Harrison Ford trusted his instructions and took a step over an invisible bridge, which became visible when he trusted. I knew I had to do the same thing.

Kevin said, “Then go”, just like that. And he sent me out in the world for no apparent reason at that moment. I left. The night before this I had been talking to my mother on the phone. She asked me the names of the Indians in Florida. I told her that I did not know, and that was the end of that phone conversation. What a strange question for my mother to ask me when she was the one writing a book on Native American Indians; president of the Archeology Association in her area. 

I left Kevin’s office and began to drive around our town, was pulled toward the downtown area which dead-ended onto Seminole Street. “Seminoles, mother!” They were the Seminole Indians. I turned left, and at the end of the street I saw the most perfect place – yes, a quaint little office on Seminole Street with one large room, a small room and a bathroom. It was in downtown Stuart, Florida, on the water, in a perfect location, and a building I had always loved. I must have it! After finding it for rent that Friday afternoon, I told the landlord who lived next door that I would "take it”. She trusted me and said, “OK”.

I had no money. By Monday morning I would need first, last, and a deposit, around

$1200. I told no one about this. After all, was I being realistic? On Sunday afternoon two different people, unknown to each other, called me saying, "God told me to give you $1000." By Monday morning I had the money and I was even able to pay for power and a telephone. It was a sign. I was on the right track. I called my new business Solutions Center for Personal Growth, Inc.

My life was beginning to rest on the Universal Laws, the Secrets of the Universe and I was understanding the science of this more and more - living in the middle of them. 

I remember my friends painting and re-painting that first office. And I remember when two men carried the secretary desk up the stairs for me. They placed it in the perfect spot and we began to wipe off the dust. In the bottom drawer, we found a 20-year-old newspaper on which was printed two advertisements for two separate businesses in town. Incredibly, the ads had been taken out by the two men who had at this moment lovingly volunteered to carry this desk upstairs, unknown to each other. It was another sign that I was on the right path.

I turned 40 that year. The clients lined up a city block holding balloons for me in

celebration. I was touched and surprised. I was helping people take risks to express their pain and joy, going beyond the traditional. I was loving people well and it was working. We were attacking co-dependency, addiction, and repressed feelings from our lives. We were learning to sing and dance in ceremony and celebration, moving energy, healing old trauma, and falling in love with the process.


I am quite sure that Albert Einstein decided to pay me a visit in 1992.  I don’t remember how it started, but I do remember that for a period of about 2 months, he was around me constantly.  Everywhere I turned, the man was beckoning me, his energy all around me, leading me to the secrets of energy and the healing process.  

I had just designed and started The Imagination Process. I began to find quotes of Einstein wherever I turned.  Every other day, I would see a quote or a person would walk in with something that had Albert Einstein on it.  

During the last week of his visit, I had these encounters: On Monday, I received a letter in the mail with a wax seal on the back, imprinted with Einstein.  The letter was someone writing and thanking me for the healing energy of the work I was doing.  As I had been looking for a house to rent, I went on Tuesday, for an appointment with a realtor in town.  On the realtor’s desk was a picture of Einstein with E=MC2 under the picture.  I took note of that.  I did not like any of the houses this realtor showed me.  

Wednesday, I looked in the newspaper, and found a house I wanted to see.  I met the woman there that afternoon.  To my amazement, I saw over the fireplace, an original painting of Einstein!  It did not come with the house, but I did rent it.  

Thursday, I was in a mall, rounded the corner and saw a very large framed poster of Einstein looking at me, with the phrase, Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Somehow he was validating my work, beckoning me to understand imagination and energy.  I bought the picture.  

What was he trying to tell me?  I searched in books, old and new.  Finally, on that Friday, a woman came in for an appointment with a book on Reiki and Energy Healing.  She said she just knew I needed this book.  I opened the book randomly, as I often do, and of course, it was a chapter on Einstein and how his theory on energy applied to healing work. It was the only chapter in the book about Einstein.  I read and discovered what he wanted me to know.  That was it.  He left after that day.  I am grateful for his visit.  He is in my heart and soul.  His picture is on the wall in my office, and I remember each day to thank those genius minds who opened the work up to the world, to me.


In early 1993, a psychic told me I would meet someone and be married by the end of the year.  I laughed at this, not interested in a relationship, certainly not marrying now.  I was just beginning to love my life as a single person. I was healing and transforming my family of origin pain, now engaged in deep processes for releasing past pain and trauma.  I had discovered my own early childhood abuse and absent parents.

I had bought a convertible and had a cell phone.  My business was excellent and I had rented an incredibly great house on a little winding path with a canal to the river in the back yard.  She said he would be 6 feet tall, with warm hands, crow feet around the eyes, silver hair, a Leo, had 3 daughters, pain from love in the past, kind, loving with a nickname.  I wrote this all down and then forgot about it.  

And then came Jim.  The way it happened defied all logic, and temporal law.  He had come to do the Imagination Process.  I never thought of him in any romantic way.  He was just a very nice man desiring to become who he was meant to be, to discover joy, to heal and transform his life.  We would talk of passion and possibilities as he drank the day-old morning coffee when he came in.  I always thought he was different and special, a quiet soul.  And that was it.  He did the process, completed his work, and was just about on his way back to the world when something happened.

That morning… I was in session with a woman who mentioned that she was on her way to Indiana.  I remember thinking that I had not thought of Indiana before.  Later that morning, another client mentioned Indiana during her session.  I knew right away that something was up – as anytime I hear a word or concept twice in one day, I know the Universe is trying to get my attention.  That evening my mother called and asked, “would you like to go to a family reunion in Indiana?”  I was shocked.  I never knew we had family in Indiana.

The next morning, Jim came to say goodbye.  During the session, he asked, “do you want to share a ride to Indiana?” Suddenly every part of me knew.  A veil was lifted.  I remembered him from light years ago, in some other time and place.  I knew every part of his soul.  But I had to be sure.  I went home, madly looking for the description of this man I was to marry by the end of the year.  Every detail was perfect, even the crow's feet around his eyes.

I was unsure of how to proceed.  I invited him to dinner.  He accepted saying, “you make salad, I’ll bring blue crabs.”  That night he came to dinner. We took a walk and ended up taking a walk, then sitting in the stillness of a sacred knowing. Every cell of my body experienced a memory of him and the mystery of the moment.  I ask him on the way back if he had a nick name.  That was the one thing I didn’t know.  “Oh yes, they call me Mim.”

That night we both knew we must be married and indeed we were by the end of 1993.  That was over 30 years ago.  Jim is that co-creative soul partner who walks with me to the fulfillment of my mission and purpose, the soul mate partner who assists me in my own transformation and evolution toward wholeness, as I do for him.  He is the love of my life as we fully liberate each other, activating our highest potential and communicating in truth.  Oh, the sheer joy of it!  Jim still has the receipt for the blue crabs.

These are the beginning stories of my journey here on earth… my awakening, my own healing journey, and the process that emerged from it all in the early years. Thirty-plus years have passed and there are more stories to tell… joyful and painful.

Who am I to be here now, offering healing and transformation? 

I am an awakened one activating my capacity to assist the people of the universe, in becoming whole and full of joy, interested in the future of the world

I am a grand participant in the great transformation of these times…consciously participating, interacting, and integrating the incredible experiences of my life.

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