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And She Became Sunwoman Magicmaker Carries Crow Medicine Bag

Crow showed up for Wendyne back in the healing years as a symbol of Universal Law. Soon thereafter, Sunwoman Magicmaker made her entrance and the rest is history.  What a magical Universe this is! 

I am here for the healing as the crow flies…

The crow?  And what does the crow have to do with me? With healing?Transformation? Or my whole process and being? And who is Sunwoman Magicmaker?

Well…Crow showed up for me especially during my healing years, much like Einstein and other cosmic surprises.  Back in the day, I was searching for my totem animal, as we were all doing, going on shamanic journeys in the underworld, greeted by an animal perhaps, if we were lucky.

Crow came for me.

Several times while I was in the midst of deep healing work, hundreds would gather in a tree or even on the ground right outside the building or place I was doing deep work on my Self.  Or, one or two would land right where I was and look me straight in the eye. Hello.

I researched crow a bit, found some of my answers in Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson…  Love that deck! Of course - crow is the symbol and the keeper of the Universal Laws, the sacred law -  those amazing principles and secrets of the Universe that I am teaching, that I have been loving my whole life.

According to Sam’s and Carson’s Medicine deck, all sacred texts are under the protection of crow. Crow knows the unknowable mysteries of creation and is The gateway to the supernatural - the protector of ancient records.

Crow understands that human law is different from spiritual universal law - human law determined by generations and culture, an illusion really. Crow understands illusion and is a master of the physical and spiritual realms.

Wait.  That is what I have been trying to say forever - that our original imprints came from humans, and what they thought we should do or learn or take on.

We did mostly what our parents said we should do.  In a way, we were victims of their laws, their rules, their beliefs and ways of being.  And now for the healing, we have to decipher through all of that, and find our own true, real self in the middle of all the programs we took on from generations of our families.  We can keep what we want and love, releasing what no longer serves us.

That’s crow!  Crow sees the illusion between the two worlds. Crow merges the light and the dark and is the omen of change, sees the past, present and future, a balancer.

I am a balancer, a Libra by birth always looking for the middle path for myself and everyone.  Peace. Love. Balance. Breathe. I am here for all of this.

I have come to guide people through the illusion of the physical reality, culture, programming, trauma, pain, and the subtle systems we did not even know we were taking on, (now sitting in our sub-conscious operating system) toward the ability to discover, believe and live these secrets of the Universe, the law that you cannot break - rather it breaks you. Crow is my symbol of Universal Law, of an amazing way of being and living.

In between all of my healing and around the same time that crow came to me, I was given the spirit name of Sunwoman Magicmaker Carries Crow Medicine Bag.  Yes, my spirit name, which presented itself to me strongly though teachers, meditation, intuition, and the Great Universe.

I accepted this name, although I did not identify myself as Sunwoman for a long time, because well… I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I would not be putting my name out as Sunwoman Magicmaker quite yet, especially in those days, when everything seemed woo-woo to so many.

So I kept it under wraps for a while, and was only called that when I went to my Women’s Retreat work in the middle of the mountains in North Carolina. Everyone else had a name like that, so it was okay.

And as the years have passed, with each and every season, growth, evolution and re-birthing, I came to merge more  deeply with Sunwoman. I had become her. I felt her.  That part of me and me became one, our integration so beautiful and free.

I understand now why this name was given to me in so many ways.  The healing sun, the magic of the Universe that I call in, the crow medicine… Wow!

I am so grateful, thankful that in the beginning, I was given the instructions from the Universe to do what I do, and so very fortunate to work with crow, to work with healing trauma so people can actually learn and live the universal sacred law (caw) in love.  Crow has taught me so much and I am honored to carry the Crow MEDICINE BAG.

To go as the crow flies is to take the most direct route somewhere. Going as the crow flies is the shortest path between two points. Ah yes, and so is true of the Universal Principles.  As we live and practice the Universal law, we find the answers inside us instead of seeking outside of ourselves or wasting any time trying to “figure things out.”

When I live the Universal law, take on this way of being….I  get a direct ticket - nonstop flight to my destination, without distraction in between.  Living in the Universal laws is mostly about love, understanding the bigger picture of how our lives work, how energy connects to everything, how we can live in peace and balance amidst the chaos of the world… and now amidst the chaos of these times.

The universal laws teach us not to fear the unknown, how to detach with love.

Teaches us non-defensiveness and all about frequency, vibration and energy systems. And there is so much more.

Crow is my medicine.  I am forever grateful and inspired by the Universal Law.  I am committed to its teachings and to passing on the knowledge and secrets of how this universe really works.  This is my passion and purpose - the bigger picture of all I came here to do.

Thank you crow for showing up.

And so it is… I am here for the healing, as the crow flies.

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