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Welcome To My New Site!

An Era Of Purpose For Me

There was no way of knowing when I decided to create a new website- that my whole life would transform once again- thanks to the Universe and Era of Purpose Agency- the amazing Oriana and her team-mate Abjith. I realize- This is the Era of Purpose for me!

Here I am after 4 decades of work on Self, and my work in the world-  I was taken back to my soul once again as I began a new healing and transformation process called My New Site!

And this time, I did not have to do it alone- certainly growth for me. You mean, I am actually delegating, and not doing everything myself? Yes! To begin the whole process, I started with surrender. Imagine that.

And surrender I did, and surrender I have. We started with values clarification- didn’t I already do that, back in the old days? Hmmm. Well sure. And yet, there always comes a time to greet clarity again… What do I value now in the days, years, and decades to come?  Who am I now in my 70s, still henna red hair, blue jeans and shawls and all- looking back on my life for what has meaning and purpose and what am I still to do on this earth? I guess it starts with my new site, created because it is time to go to the next place for all of us.

I feel the same, and I feel different, wiser. I am me…. still walking the path of conscious evolution, yet it’s time to tell more of my story… to give you the most important work of my lifetime as I continue to fulfill my passion, mission, purpose and complete what I came here, agreed to do in the first place. Who would have thought that creating a new website would take me to this place? 

In all these years, I have built the sacred space, the sacred bridge, the womb in which our intentions lay to be ignited by the process of living and learning, healing and transformation. I have healed my own wounds and trusted the process of it all, called in my artist Self to weave the fabric of my design and embody all the parts of me, to navigate the rhythm of energy, chaos, and change on this planet. And then, I’ve shared it all within the four walls of my spaces and places…And here we are, a new site in a new time and space that I & we were born for with unlimited possibilities now with this, to expand and give more to humanity, as we usher in a new earth and a new peace.  It is happening!

An Open Door Invitation

I invite you now to actively participate in this whole thing and all that is here for you for your own alchemical and evolutionary process.  Whether you are a professional helper, or a person longing for your own depth of education and transformation, you are here for a reason, reading these words now on purpose. We go together to assist the people in the universe – first, we heal ourselves, and then we take the work out into the world.

I discovered within me a deep passion for education, creativity, original ideas, and love; those extraordinary human experiences unexplained of which the mediocre mind does not attempt to believe or understand.  My soul is often moved to profound places of knowing. In this new website, I now open a new door to share my work and my love.  

For me, this is no ordinary new site. Perhaps it is my memoir.  Hmmm.  That is an interesting idea. I know for sure, that Oriana is pushing me to take all my work, all that has already been done, written, created, designed, materialized, and imagined into my new site. How crafty is that?

So enjoy.  I have learned so much on this planet earth this time around. I came here for you. I followed the instructions I received so long ago and created The Imagination Process, which I received in a dream meditation in 1987, along with a perfect vision of a geodesic dome in nature. The dome is yet to manifest and is on its way here.  The Imagination Process is here now - helping people heal and transform all past trauma and conditioning. There is nothing so passionate, inspiring, or incredible to me. 

We are in such amazing times, almost to the tipping point… and I am here now on my new site to tell you all about it, offer classes and teachings, do some Wendyne Live and podcasts, gather many of you together to become Transformation Life Coaches to carry on the work - and always creating that sacred space to come together in community as we all continue on the journey… into the vortex of new possibilities!   

Words of Gratitude

Thank you Ori. Thank you Abjith. All of me, all my senses let me know that you get me. You get my color and my design as you feel my insides and my soul. How amazing is that? I love you both and am so grateful that the Universe connected us for the creation of this new extraordinary website… no, not just a new website - but an energy field of love and transformation, color and soul, now connecting to all those who are supposed to find us.

And so it is, we begin the next journey.  Welcome to my new site!

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