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Join the Imagination Process® and work with Wendyne.

Wendyne exclusively facilitates The Imagination Process and holds 1-on-1 sessions for participants throughout the 21 weeks.  If you want to learn more about it or your intuition is telling you that you are ready to join click below.


We love our customers. Feel free to call us anytime. We are available via email, live chat or phone.

Not sure yet? Talk to Wendyne.

If you aren't sure The Imagination Process is for you, submit this form to request a conversation with Wendyne or one of her team members.

Provide 2 days when you would be available for a call:

  • Does Wendyne do individual trauma work?
    Wendyne believes that trauma healing is best accomplished in a group process as talk therapy is limited and can only go so far. The group process activates core wounds, and trauma in the body allowing for true release and deep healing. People can face their fears with others, move out of their comfort zone, learn to have a voice, and share what is inside. Doing group work speeds up personal healing. Wendyne does individual sessions before the group process begins to understand your trauma and core wounds and prepare you for the healing process.
  • Can I have a family therapy session with Wendyne?
    Yes, however, she prefers to work with families who are participating in the Imagination Process.
  • Where can I learn more about The Imagination Process?
    Visit to learn about the 3 phases, the curriculum, fee structure, time commitment and more!
  • I’ve done a lot of healing and spiritual work, but I’m just not where I want to be, can Wendyne/The Imagination Process help me?
    Wendyne's work has been an evolution of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, science, and expressive therapeutic arts which she blended to create The Imagination Process®. It’s a very unique process and every participant, no matter what their background, will go to deeper places of healing.
  • I don’t want to go into the past, I just want to work with my current situation, what is Wendyne’s approach to that?
    To begin her work with you, Wendyne will always do individual sessions. As part of these sessions, she will review your life history, trauma, and patterns to determine your specific healing needs. Generally, any trauma history lives in your body, and your past is in the now unless it has been physically released and re-patterned. It will just depend on each person’s readiness for this deep work.
  • Do I have to join the imagination process to have sessions with Wendyne as my therapist?
    The best way to work with her is by joining the Imagination Process, and if you’d like to start with 1-on-1 sessions first submit the form above with your request or questions.
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