Designing An Extraordinary Life is the Next Order of Business

May 26, 2019


Yes. It is time again to have a clear mental picture of what you want to create in your life. YOU are the designer and there is no other person, place or thing… not even GOD, that is designing your life. As a matter of fact, GOD wants you to have everything you desire. So you get to choose.


Some of us were programmed to believe we could not have what we want in life… as a re-enactment of teachings, imprints and patterns that we continue to act out. Perhaps YOU were taught that it is not good or spiritual to enjoy the incredible and beautiful things on this earth. In fact, there are many of you who were taught that it is sinful to “want”.


Please give yourself permission now to know that the incredible LOVE of the Universe, of Spirit - is ever advancing in form and needs YOU to advance also to continue the process of evolution.


It is your right to soar, grow, strengthen - to have all that you desire. It is good to be healthy, wealthy, wise, abundant, loving, giving and special. The truth is that you can have it all - and this does not take away from anyone else. Rather, as you develop the knowledge about how to attract amazing people, experiences and things into your life… right before you… you will help others to do the same. Your greatness will help the other people in this

world to be great too.


There is enough for everyone to have everything. The universe will make more as a process of energy and evolution, so know it is good to want and receive.


No matter what happens…. Even when the opposite of your clear mental picture seems to befall you, keep your mind on the prize. Keep your mind always on your clear mental picture. Say, Hmmmm, how interesting. I know I am creating an extraordinary life… so I let this other thing go. It is just a little block in the way. Thank you Universe, that I get to practice designing my life!


Creating an Extraordinary Life is my next order of business!  If you want to join the journey with me, let me know.  I am getting ready for an online zoom class to teach the secrets of creation.  


And so it is.

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