Now What Do I Want?

October 21, 2018

Now is a good time for conscious creation - an opportunity to live, breathe, touch and feel that which we desire through deliberate intention.  There is no more reason to allow our lives to take form through old default programs that have lived inside our body/mind.  


Science and spirituality meet in the middle now - (as they actually always have) showing us the way, giving us the tools to replace old programming, teaching us  powerful intervention creation techniques.  


How incredible it is to realize with no doubt that we are the creators of all our experiences... that we create and attract everything in this 3rd dimensional reality.


There is no doubt in my mind, and because of this - I love my life.  I love my creations.  I understand how it works, and I am willing to embrace always the joy and pain of whatever I am living now, and this alone makes my journey rich and beautiful.


I am open to the continual discovery of what it is I believe deep inside my core, holding the dominant energy of my creations.


Sometimes I stumble upon my old imprints and beliefs, other times diligently searching to root out whatever it is that is creating some thing I do not like living.  It is okay with me that I do not like all my creations, even as I commit to love them without resistance.


As our beautiful Mother Earth is re-birthing herself, it seems we are living in the beginning again with an opportunity  to live in conscious evolution. What do you want?



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