Calm Amidst the Storm

August 6, 2018

I am choosing to stay calm amidst the chaos and the storms of life.  It seems we are in the middle of intense planetary energies giving us all the opportunity to let go of old patterns, habits, beliefs… and make new decisions and choices toward our mission and purpose here on the planet.  I guess we always have that opportunity, but once in a while - the Universe makes that opportunity even more available energetically.  And with such intense energy all around, one could feel swallowed up in it and become overwhelmed and immobilized.  But not today!


Rather, I call upon the universal principles that remind me that all is well - that I am right on purpose, right on schedule.  I stay calm in the middle of the storm - in the middle of Mercury in Retrograde, eclipses, unpredictability and the unexpected - even as the office mail has gotten lost for two weeks and all of our insurance checks are floating around somewhere.


I stay committed to the transformational practices that take me back to peace and my connection to the kind and loving Universal Mind.  As above, so below.  Transformational Practices - meditation, writing, movement, expressing feelings, study, affirming/declaring what I want (Rather than giving energy to what I do not want - AKA talking all the time about what is wrong or bad in judgment and criticism. 


Remembering - the good news is you get what you focus on and talk about, and the bad news is you get what you focus on and talk about.)


it is not “what happens”, rather it is how I Am with “what happens.”  My interpretation of life will take me to heaven or hell, depending on how I process and interpret whatever is going on.  I choose to trust the process, trust the unknown and the bigger picture emerging from destruction, fear, chaos, strange communication and pain.  I look past that in my meditations and my daily transformational practices and purposely raise my consciousness until I feel love for all of it.


I know I was born for this!  Today, I hold in my mind the knowing that right now I am grateful for all the abundance in my world in all ways.  My outside world is a manifestation of my inner condition.  I change any idea that something is wrong or that there is any lack in any domain of my life to a gratefulness of all that is, and the outpouring of love I experience right here, right now in so many ways.  


As I connect to my heart and soul, I stay calm amidst the storm.  And so it is.


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