June 10, 2018

Even though I knew, I forgot a few things about the magic.  When it is magic, it is easy.  When it is magic, there is no tension or dependency on anything from the outside.  When it comes from the quantum field, the place where magic comes from, it comes to me.  I do not have to wait on a phone call, or money, or people to help.  It just comes without even asking.


I will not trade what I have worked for, for anything.  I shall not put the magic aside and try to figure things out.  How did I forget that trying to figure it all out does not work?


I will never go back to my old life, as I set a new standard for myself.  I forgot for a minute that the greater mind is resolving everything for me.  I am mastering my body and my reactions as I surrender it all again.  Today.  Right in this beautiful now.


I disentangle from the 3rd dimension of “How to make all this work”.  Ha.  I did it again…and I am waking up for the 100th, 1,000,000th time!  Or, maybe more.


I unravel my thoughts and become the initiate in this moment.  I am falling in love with my future and determined to create something out of nothing.  I’ve done it before and I open to a blueberry peace pie again.


The blueprint for this is in the realm of light!  E=MC2… It took me so many years to understand Einstein’s message to me…and now I get it!  I commit to moving the thought into energy into  the blueprint and finally collapsing it all into matter, right here right now.  It was easy really.


I will now give it the “works” in full commitment no matter what difficulties or negativity comes my way.  I have clarity and energy from my body, mind and spirit.  I am sticking with it no matter what,  as I move toward manifestation and unexpected magic.


I am forever grateful for my new life.







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