The Next Incredible Now

November 12, 2017

I knew this would be a year of contemplation when I read my own cards at the beginning of 2017.  Little did I know exactly what that meant at the time.  I do remember feeling curious and a bit tentative stepping into the unknown of whatever…sensing there would be a “whatever” or two.


Indeed.  As we are moving toward the end of 2017, I have had time and reason to contemplate, meditate, love, grieve, go deeper and higher - and find myself now on the precipice of the new, ready to fall forward into the mystical and live an even more supernatural life.


I am ready for my next transformation which has seemed to take so long until that thing happened, as it so often does, that comes along and completely and wholly changes my life forever.  With it all, the gift of calm and insight has allowed me to connect to the higher frequencies and hear, listen… take in the universe.  Once again I am aware of the rhythm and movement of the galaxies in an exciting way, realizing I know everything and I know nothing.


I leave survival behind me as my safety and security will not be found anywhere but inside myself.  Is it possible that consistency and stability in my outside world actually could create more fear? Yes. And, it is true for me - that the only thing I can count on is change and I am up for it, as the dragonfly continues to teach me these days.


I celebrate the unknown and am beginning to truly understand that there is a perfect timing for all my creations and anything I have not done yet is okay.  


Ha. I am however -  feeling ready to shake up my own system and be spontaneous, inspired, risk taking, passionate, and creative -  beckoning in surprises as I continue to melt away old forms.  I have decided to demand the impossible and claim the next

incredible now with extra power to live in new potential.


Where it is all going, I do not know. I let go of any worry about that or anything else as I expand my consciousness and practice this way of being, thinking and feeling.


Inside, my body is a flood of knowingness without knowing, ready for the next.  I surrender the tension of the opposites, what I think I want and the undone things on my plate, aware that I no longer even have to clean my plate at all.  I am interested and excited about the unexpected and declare a new readiness for this sweet surrender as I live deeply.


And so it is!




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