The Magic of Committment

August 26, 2017

I almost forgot that I connect to the magic and mystery of the Universe when I commit myself fully to an idea, project or dream.  My commitment is really a feeling, which translates into a vibrational frequency connecting to the quantum field literally attracting into my experience all that is needed to fulfill my commitment. Wow.  I almost forgot that.


When I am not fully committed and I do things half-way - I let go of the opportunity to participate in the incredible mystery of life... ceasing the natural order of quantum events that would be quite profound.  I am fortunate today to remember this.


When I am not fully committed, I become a victim of chance instead of the designer of my future - and unconsciously summon pain and sorrow.


So, today I am thrilled to remember this and promise to myself that I shall contemplate and re-commit to the dreams and ideas that have been sitting in my heart and soul for so long.  I shall mediate on these commitments until my whole body, mind and spirit can feel them in such a profound way, that I know they must materialize sooner or later. It's the quantum law. 


Then, I shall surrender the whole damn thing to the Universal Mind and wait like an excited child for however and whatever will come of it.


And to think, I almost forgot!





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