August 19, 2017

I set my intention and expectation today on supernatural happenings that are exciting for me!  I am trusting the unknown completely!  I wonder what will happen that creates excellent health, great wealth, the ability to fund all our healing and transformation programs, and the perfect land and resources needed to build the geodesic dome retreat center in nature. I am so looking forward to this and will keep my attention on this unknown possibility.  


I retreat from my life today by meditating...and feeling the excitement and love for my life.  I no longer reaffirm my normal Self as I am not normal.  I am supernatural!


 I am experiencing epigenetic changes.  I am no longer a victim of unconscious conditioning... Living in survival.  I live in the domain where the miraculous happens.  I am reaching greater and greater levels of Self, overcoming my own limitations. 


I choose to be a genius, which means I am uncomfortable at times waiting for the miraculous.  Sometimes I do what is giving in the midst of crisis when everyone else is  feeling lack and poverty...showing kindness when everyone is demonstrating hostility and aggression...I am smiling in the face of adversity...and cultivating wholeness when diagnosed as sick.  I feel whole and at peace no matter what is happening.  


Amazing things materialize before my eyes. I am one with the universe living in unlimited possibilities. I feel expanded and selfless living more like energy than matter.  


I am firing and wiring new neural circuits.. Focusing on the future event I am attracting to me, not allowing any other thoughts to distract me.  I am turning off the old genes of survival.


I constantly and consciously mentally rehearse the outcome I want.  My frontal lobe is my ally because it lowers the volume of my outside world.


My thoughts will become my experience...sooner or later.  I am feeling the emotions of my new brain will create new chemical messengers (neuropeptides) and eventually my DNA will get the new message that the event has occurred.  


When my DNA gets new information it turns on some genes (turns off others!) to support my new state of being!  Wow!





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