Imagine Recovery™

February 3, 2017


Imagine Recovery is a 7 Month depth healing and transformational journey through

addiction and dependency toward personal transformation, wholeness, and lasting



Imagine Recovery is a new addiction treatment paradigm and opportunity to heal and

transform addictive behaviors and habits by rewiring the brain, creating a new mind and

new neuropathways that fire and wire new responses to the environment, people,

places and things in our life, thus giving us a real opportunity to heal addiction.

In this work, we take advantage of the neural plasticity of our brain to truly re-invent our Selves

and create a successful and powerful desired future.


Imagine Recovery offers addiction treatment beyond traditional recovery work,

addressing the body, mind and spirit as a whole integrated feedback neural network.

Our work explores and transforms the physical, mental and emotional causative factors

that have created our dependencies, addictions and sabotaging behavioral patterns.


We discover underlying core issues and wounds from PTSD and Trauma, Depression

and Mood Disorders, Grief and Loss, Codependency, and Loss of Self as conditions

that have imprinted coping behaviors to help us survive when we needed to feel safe,

loved and worthy in this world.


Imagine Recovery is about waking up to a new consciousness and creating a new and

extraordinary way of living by discovering the true underlying unconscious patterns and

programs that have been running our lives. In this work we re-train our brains and

bodies to become the architects of a new life design. We can heal our addictions and

become powerful creators of our destiny.


Imagine Recovery is a whole and integrated system for personal growth and evolution

based additionally on core concepts in the areas of health and healing, consciousness,

family systems, spiritual emergency, addictionology, neuroscience, group process,

psychoneuroimmunology, psycho-spiritual integration, and quantum physics.


Call to begin:  772=220-1777



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